Whenever liquid predominates, providing from its solitary cavity, they disseminates peace, love, kindness, persistence, quietness, and other allied virtues

Whenever liquid predominates, providing from its solitary cavity, they disseminates peace, love, kindness, persistence, quietness, and other allied virtues

One of the Karen and Burmese new abdomen is actually stored to get the brand new chair of your welfare therefore the problems, differing emotions and you may actual conditions getting associated with the existence of cinch (“k’ li”), fire (“me”), or drinking water (“paw leh”). The parents assert you to definitely ten hundred cavities regarding gut contain piece of cake, 12 consist of fire, and another includes h2o. When flame is within the ascendancy, one is incited so you can jealousy, malice, hatred, and you can payback. The different services are intermingled inside a person’s character equal in porportion so you’re able to this new mingling of one’s several facets.[26-9]

The fresh new urine of one gender might be recommended once the a good liniment to have individuals of the opposite sex

A number of the appeal worn by the Karen while the Burmese were created to quit snap of wearing the brand new ascendancy in the new gut. Among instance appeal try strings regarding dried fruit regarding particular vegetation, strings from coins that have been blown up on, and you may knotted cables that have been put-on the new wearer of the elders otherwise prophets.

Things remains to be told you towards”k’ thi thras” otherwise “medicine-teachers,” exactly who compound pills from some origins and you may herbs in which it practice a kind of medical lore, in addition to their occult rites. There is no doubt but which they see the healing action from specific vegetation. They will explain a certain tree on the feedback you to definitely its actually leaves are good for fever or another problem. To my requst for most medications a good Karen doctor gave me 100 ones. Dr. Wade have accumulated more 40 profiles off medical formulae of numerous kinds, one of them several of actual value. Dr. Mason mentions the name of a little creeping plant (Hydrocotyle asiatica) and that, if the applied due to the fact an excellent poultice over time, will arrest, if this will not get rid of, leprosy.[26-10] Exactly how many of those Karen medications is actually out-of Burmese, Shan, otherwise Talign origin I can’t state. I was told once or twice that Karen who nonetheless stay in their primitive conditions, depend entirely to the wonders and you may offerings Fontana CA escort twitter to deal with disorder. My observation leads me to accept that the employment of treatments expands, as individuals come about to your exposure to other events.

The Karen believe that scents features reasonable influence on the new human body, both for an effective and for unwell. There’s almost nothing you to a good Karen otherwise, in fact, a good Burman concerns a whole lot when he do the smell out-of cooking lbs (“ta neu xo”). They think the odor for some reason comes into you, particularly if there is an abrasion of your skin, and causes all kinds of trouble, even sudden demise. To quit coming in contact with that it smelling, they usuall manage people frying which may be required aside-of-gates, and you can keep its delivers their noses to store off of the hate risk. To possess curative aim smelling-salts are prominent among one another Karens and you may Burmans, after they are available in bazaar. A number of the medicines consist of asafoetida or any other pungent-smelling dinners, that are considered enjoys a direct effect on the paitent. Sour and you will acrid-sampling medicines also are for the great prefer.

The latest incidence out of breeze over another aspects provides pleasure, aspiration, avarice, evil wants, and you may hilarity

Apart from instance remedies this new Karen “medicine-teachers” use unpleasant concbur, your own hair and you will snatch of specific pets, tigers’ and you may leopards’s whiskers, particular parts of human corpses, your body hair out of humans, dung of all of the kinds, new scrapings throughout the charred finishes of bamboos utilized in sharp corpses on the funeral service pyre, etc. Let me reveal a medicine taken from new Karen Thesaurus, in which it’s named “a grand febrifuge”: “Do the umbilical cord reduce off a new-produced boy, the fresh new undigested kernels throughout the dung regarding your pet dog, light and you may red-colored onions, ginge and black pepper for the equivalent quantities; blend thoroughly to make to the tablets the size of the finish of one’s fist; dose, one-by-one to be taken within the warm water.”[26-11]






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